Laurel Elementary School

Bloomfield, Connecticut

The task was to renovate and add to the 45-year-old Laurel Elementary School to accommodate 444 students in grades K to 2.

One of the design objectives was to provide the school with a recognizable entrance. The design met the challenge by providing a rotunda with a translucent dome and colorful columns. Behind the rotunda and radiating in either direction is ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY444COST PER SQ FT$232.00FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio new administrative wing with a floor-to-roof glazing system. Colorful age-appropriate educational graphics are incorporated in the spandrel glass, giving the entire school front a new 21st-century identity.

Learning in schools can take place in the entire building when spaces are designed creatively to capture students’ imaginations. With this goal in mind, the architect incorporated a celestial theme in the ceilings of the cafeteria; a stimulating tile mural in the media center; and colorful, fun-filled graphics in the corridor flooring design.

A new row of skylights added in the corridor bathes the exciting wall and floor designs with daylight, enhancing the journey from classrooms to core spaces.