Granite Hills High School, Career Technology Education Center

El Cajon, California

  • FIRM

    Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke


    Grossmont Union High School District

  • AREA

    50,676 sq.ft.





Granite Hills High School needed updating to better accommodate current and future students. Knowing this, the architect took old, inadequate buildings and transformed them into spaces where students could be provided with additional educational programs designed to meet their individual and academic needs.

Within the building, project-learning environments ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY814COST PER SQ FT$228.00FEATURED IN2013 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized specific technical education including specialized science, culinary arts and digital art classrooms, as well as a digital media, film and TV studio with control and editing rooms. The goal was to provide modern spaces designed to meet industry standards in the way that the space performs functionally, as well as having access to full integration of technology to enhance student opportunities. These programs will provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience, and the new programs will create real-world settings for classroom instruction.

The design challenge was to fit the building into the fabric of the existing campus while maintaining the other buildings in operation to create a solution that is inviting for students and functioned for the specialized nature of the classrooms in the facility.

Outdoor areas provide for seating, clustering and different types of performance spaces. Exterior exit balconies provide easy access for classrooms and an area for social interaction for students around the courtyard and articulated stairways. These spaces are in the heart of the existing campus, and serve dual functions as an outdoor learning environment and a central gathering area for students.

The goal for the design was to create a facility that is comfortable and inviting for anyone who sets foot on campus. The project is a space where students can comfortably broaden their educational sphere by acquiring the skills and knowledge to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive, responsible global citizens.