Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ., Inst. for Critical Technology and Applied Science

Blacksburg, Virginia

This first phase of two planned phases of the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science accommodates flexible laboratory space for interdisciplinary research, workshop, meeting and office space. The site is an important spatial and circulation node within the campus, so the development of this new academic precinct is an important opportunity to strengthen ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMBurt HillCOST PER SQ FT$370.00FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio campus' system of interconnected quadrangles.

A major portal to the new landscaped quadrangle defined by the phase one and phase two buildings is formed by a glass bridge connecting the laboratory and office wing of the phase one building with its “headpiece,” which contains the public entrance, conference facilities and administrative offices. The laboratory and office wing has been planned to maximize both flexibility and interaction among researchers and students. The wing is divided into low-, medium- and high-service zones; laboratory spaces can be configured within these zones to meet the needs of emerging research opportunities.

A central, skylighted corridor, with communicating stairs and adjacent informal meeting spaces, forms the collegial heart of the building, encouraging interaction and exchange.