Bunker Hill Community College, Health and Wellness Center

Charlestown, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    DiNisco Design


    Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM)

  • AREA

    48,000 sq.ft.





In 1973, Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) was established in Charlestown, Mass. Originally a campus that housed a little more than 1,000 students, it has grown to serve a student body of more than 9,000.

As a response to rapid growth, BHCC constructed a new green building that is helping to meet the educational and workforce needs of Greater Boston today. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY310COST PER SQ FT$382.00FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio Health & Wellness Center, the first new building on the campus in 30 years, is a 48,000-square-foot structure that includes classrooms, laboratories, a gymnasium for championship athletic teams, and a fitness center to promote health and wellness in the college community.

As a LEED gold-certified building, it exceeds “Massachusetts LEED Plus” standards. Energy-saving strategies focus on a highly insulated building envelope including precast concrete insulated sandwich panels and advanced glazing technologies, daylight harvesting, and efficient lighting and mechanical systems. 

Conservation strategies include recycled materials content, regional materials and stormwater management on site. Water use inside the building has been reduced by at least 40 percent, and potable water is not used for irrigation.