Concord Elementary Schools: Abbot-Downing, Christa McAuliffe and Mill Brook Primary

Concord, New Hampshire

  • FIRM

    HMFH Architects


    Concord, N.H., School District

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    73,446 sq.ft.





The Concord community's input played an integral part in developing solutions for replacing the city's undersized, aging elementary schools with three new buildings that provide facilities on par with the district's ambitious educational program goals. Input from faculty, administration and the local community played equal parts in the design process, which centers on ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY484COST PER SQ FT$192.00FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio ideas: spaces should support collaborative learning; these spaces should be easily accessible and an integrated part of the school community; and spaces should house a range of flexible environments to support varied learning activities.

In place of traditional libraries, the resulting program includes a range of learning environments, all organized in a central Learning Corridor. These open project areas foster a balance of creativity, interaction, exploration, collaboration and presentation. Accessible just outside classroom doors, the Learning Corridor offers an extension of learning space, conducive to both individual and small-group work. From video production, to one-on-one reading sessions, to paper mache solar system construction, the Learning Corridor enables self-directed learning and differentiated instruction to reinforce the curriculum.