Doral Academy, High School Annex

Doral, Florida

  • FIRM

    Civica, LLC


    Doral Academy, Inc.

  • AREA

    33,000 sq.ft.





Doral Academy is a middle/high charter school in Doral, Fla. The original high school and middle school are situated in a retrofitted healthcare facility and warehouse, respectively. Subsequent additions to the campus include a cafeteria, athletic fields and courts, and a three-story classroom annex that serves both middle and high school.

The new entrance to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY893COST PER SQ FT$120.00FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio high school is marked by an archway that identifies the school from the street and mediates an increase in scale from the one-story cafeteria to the west to the new, three-story classroom annex to the east.

The primary facade of the new classroom annex faces north and is composed of windows that increase in size as they rise. The larger windows on the upper floor serve a dance studio and art lab. The south facade is screened by a deep circulation loggia that also provides access to the classrooms.