Tri-City United High School

Montgomery, Minnesota

In December 2009, the Montgomery-Lonsdale School District faced crowding and infrastructure deficiencies in its middle school/high school. With the support of the community, the district won approval of a $29.7 million referendum to convert the elementary school into a 450-student high school with interior remodeling, a gym, STEAM additions, band, choir and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$168.75FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio center.

The elementary gym was converted into a commons/cafeteria, and the existing media center was transformed into a special-education suite and business lab. Kindergarten classrooms were renovated as special-education areas. Additional parking lots were constructed adjacent to the existing stadium and baseball, softball and soccer fields. In preparation for prospective district expansion, 75,000 square feet of supplementary educational space were master-planned to prepare for potential enrollment increases to 900 students.

The name of the high school, Tri-City United, represents the consolidation of the Le Center and Montgomery-Lonsdale school districts that began several years ago. It is the first school built since the merger and embodies the cooperation between the three communities.