J. Paul and Eleanor McIntosh College of Nursing

Norfolk, Nebraska

  • FIRM

    BCDM Architects


    Northeast Community College

  • AREA

    43,747 sq.ft.





The J. Paul and Eleanor McIntosh College of Nursing is a joint-use project between Northeast Community College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Students now can achieve and transition seamlessly from associate’s degree coursework to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level at one location.

The commons is bordered by ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$197.25FEATURED IN2013 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYHealthcare Facilities/Teaching Hospitals administration, study areas and mailboxes. The remaining first floor includes classrooms, most with distance-learning technology, and seminar rooms. Professor offices with adjacent conversation areas are split between floors, easing student access and collaboration.

The second floor features multiple simulation labs providing realistic spaces and features. Five individual hospital simulation rooms, two hospital skills labs (eight beds each) with lecture areas and two assessment labs (eight exam areas each) complete the simulation areas. Computer-operated mannequins provide students with unlimited real-life scenarios. Observation windows and multiple cameras enable staff to use learning opportunities during and following activities. The computer lab provides access and flexibility for 24-hour clinical reporting. 

At this facility, students can learn from their mistakes in a controlled environment before being involved in real-world situations.