A.E. Stevenson High School, Information and Learning Center

Lincolnshire, Illinois

  • FIRM



    A.E. Stevenson High School District 125

  • AREA

    24,000 sq.ft.





As books increasingly are replaced by iPads, libraries no longer are collections of physical objects and materials, but spaces that foster collaboration, comfort and digital research. In designing the new A.E. Stevenson High School Information and Learning Center, the architect embraced this ideological shift, renovating the existing library, resource center and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$155.00FEATURED IN2013 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYLibraries/Media Centers rooms, which had been the same since the 1980s. 

Book stacks were reduced and moved to the periphery to place human collaboration at the center. 

The newly freed central space was converted to small-group rooms equipped with “smart” furniture that facilitates collaboration and information-sharing—to support students in group project work. 

By making the entire student support system into one connected center that integrates the print collection, digital media portals, physical space and one-on-one training areas, the new design also diminishes the stigma of tutoring. 

The agile new space encourages millennial learners to socialize and flow among the spaces, and is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of teaching and learning arrangements. 

A central stair connection between floors facilitates transformation of the space from a casual, Wi-Fi-accessible learning area to a large-group gathering space for lectures and other presentations. 

A variety of novel furniture concepts accommodate individualized, reflective learning and collaborative group learning.