Ferris State University, Elastomer Expansion, Plastics Engineering Center

Big Rapids, Michigan

  • FIRM

    DiClemente Siegel Design


    Bob Marsh, Dean of Elastomer Center

  • AREA

    37,260 sq.ft.





(Please note: Area=28,760 sq. ft. (new) and 8,500 sq. ft. (renovation))

The creation of the National Elastomer Center will position Ferris State University (FSU) and the state of Michigan in a leadership role in the technical education of individuals entering the elastomer industry. Elastomers are used in national defense, automotive, refrigeration and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY250COST PER SQ FT$108.00FEATURED IN1999 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized products.

The two-story facility was developed in response to functional requirements. Site utilization and conservation were important since the university is planning a future expansion to the south and east. One of the project’s main goals was to enhance the Plastics Engineering Center (PET) building’s front-door image by updating the style, and adding a functionally and aesthetically pleasing upper level. The expansion employs new materials that are harmonious with campus vernacular and reflective of modern technology.

The first level contains both existing functions and new elastomer program functions. The expansion also included an extension of the existing first floor in a series of north-south rectangular additions.

The building’s new second level holds the administrative/faculty suite and the Learning Center Suite. This suite boasts several classrooms, a multi-tiered lecture hall for 75 students and the reference room. These new spaces are connected via a glass-walled corridor providing a panoramic view of the central campus.

Photographer: ©Keith Park Photography