Thomas Nelson Community College

Hampton, Virginia

The cafeteria and lounge at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia served not only as a place to enjoy lunch, but as a gathering area for students between classes and for study sessions.

Over the years, as enrollment increased and the cafeteria became more densely populated, it was evident that the design of the room created a noise issue. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$14.50 hard, bare walls along with the open layout created no barriers for sound, and reverberation perpetuated the sounds of conversation and the clamor of quick dining. The cafeteria and lounge had become a center of cacophony where study was impossible and conversation unintelligible.

The solution was AlphaSorb Acoustical Wall Panels from Acoustical Solutions, Inc. These fabric-wrapped acoustical panels absorb noise, keeping sound waves from reverberating for long periods of time. The panels were installed along the bare walls and as partitions dividing the center of the space, lowering sound intensity and improving speech intelligibility.