Garfield Elementary School

Enid, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    The Stacy Group


    Enid Public Schools

  • AREA

    75,134 sq.ft.





Enid Public Schools’ newest campus, Garfield Elementary, was designed through a team approach, including the school administrators, teachers, community, architects and interior designers. The school maximizes the learning environment through flexible teaching spaces, including grade-level pods while also maximizing security with a clear plan and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$130.06FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio entries.

"Our Stars Shine Bright" is the motto celebrating the students of the new Garfield Elementary. The interior of the school takes design cues from the nearby Air Force base, with features depicting flight. Each classroom pod has its own identity and celebrates the ideas of pride, excellence, success, honest, kind and respectful.

The design also includes details for students to learn about the school’s place locally and in the United States. The use of these design elements helps with wayfinding and enables each grade level to have its own identity.