Hanby Elementary School and Bush Early Education Center

Wilmington, Delaware

  • FIRM

    Tetra Tech


    Brandywine School District

  • AREA

    76,759 sq.ft.





Hanby Elementary School was built to replace the former Brandywood Elementary School and Bush Early Childhood Center of the Brandywine School District. The school, which is seeking LEED certification, combines special needs and autistic pre-K students, along with K-5 elementary school students. A "school within a school" was created by ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$254.00FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio these two student populations in separate academic wings that connect along an east-west axis of administrative and shared common spaces.

The procession into the school begins with a large canopy designating the entrance, which terminates at the main lobby with a view of the courtyard through the centrally situated media center. The mechanical room, gymnasium and cafeteria are separated from adjacent rooms and treated with sound attenuation to create a quiet learning atmosphere.

Because of the higher concentration of preschool and special-needs children, special attention was given to the indoor environmental quality. The design also features rainwater harvesting, which reuses rainwater for non-potable uses. Crushed rubble from the demolition of the former school also was reused on site.