Jenks Public Schools, Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center

Jenks, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    KSQ Design


    Jenks Public Schools

  • AREA

    46,358 sq.ft.





The highly competitive Jenks swimming program conducted daily workouts in a pool more than 30 years old. Parents requested a new aquatic center worthy of the school’s long-standing tradition of swimming excellence, and this new 1,200-seat aquatic center offers a modern design and innovative systems as impressive as the athletes who ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$409.85FEATURED IN2012 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSports Stadiums/Athletic Facilities there.

Water is the design motif that flows throughout the facility, from the "breaking wave" roof, to the blue "waves" hanging from the lobby ceiling and the "river of glass" viewing area. White "fins" on the exterior hide pipes and other mechanical equipment.

The Olympic-quality 50-meter by 25-yard pool is one of the first to incorporate an evacuator system to exhaust chloramines from the surface of the pool through a return-air chamber built into the pool gutter. This eliminates the harsh "pool smell." An efficient lighting system provides illumination for televised events, yet computerized controls keep lights at energy-efficient levels for daily use, alternating bulbs used to save on energy and bulb-replacement costs.