Tidewater Community College, Norfolk Campus, Student Center

Norfolk, Virginia

The new Student Center at Tidewater Community College is a five-story building in downtown Norfolk, Va. The building was designed to meet LEED silver requirements.

Level one includes spaces for a self-serve buffet and dining area (with support kitchen) and also a cafe/coffee shop that can be accessed directly from the outside. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMCannon DesignCAPACITY1,368COST PER SQ FT$275.26FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio two houses the "child minding" area and small study rooms, and has an open lounge area that stretches across the length of the building to maximize the views. Office suites for career services and student organizations are housed on Level three. Level four provides areas for fitness and a large physical activity/multipurpose space, with supporting shower and locker rooms. Level five has a multipurpose event space with an associated catering pantry.

The siting of the new Student Center takes advantage of an important system of functional and visual relationships across the campus. The building itself will act as a landmark for the college, and the plaza will serve as a conduit for pedestrian flow between the rest of campus and downtown Norfolk.