Holland New Tech High School

Holland, Michigan

In a public school district with a vision to move educational practice into the future, the initial innovative and inspiring spark came in the form of Holland New Tech High School.

Working with the administration, board of education and community business leaders, the architect transformed an outdated and crumbling elementary ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$88.00CITATIONRenovation/Modernization CitationFEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio into a high-tech, innovative instrument for 21st-century learning and project-based learning that serves as a catalyst for pedagogical change in the remainder of the school district.

In order to accomplish this within budget, the design team adopted the aesthetic theme, "Using common materials in an uncommon way." Removing ceilings and bearing walls between classrooms, and changing corridor walls from solid to transparent, created large, highly flexible volumes of space that showcase learning, replicate real-world business atmospheres and push the boundaries of traditional definitions of learning environments.

"We liked the incorporation of 21st-century, problem-based classrooms and learning corridors."--2012 jury