Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas Campus, Harry J. Parrish Hall

Manassas, Virginia

  • FIRM

    Moseley Architects


    Virginia Community College System/Northern Virginia Community College

  • AREA

    60,015 sq.ft.





Harry J. Parrish Hall is a three-story academic building of about 60,000 square feet that accommodates various academic programs, administrative functions and a campus bookstore. This project is phase three of development in Northern Virginia Community College’s new master plan. The project is pending LEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,539COST PER SQ FT$311.88FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio certification.

The first floor includes a dean’s suite, classrooms, computer labs, seminar rooms and bookstore. The second floor contains classrooms, computer labs and faculty offices. The third floor has biology, biotechnology and engineering labs, an art lab, classrooms and faculty offices.

The entry court features a paved plaza that is contiguous with the special-events dropoff area. This includes seating and landscape areas, and features stone formations as a central focus area where students can gather. The south side of the building features a seat-level, curved masonry wall that adjoins a bioretention garden area.

The building’s exterior materials acknowledge the campus and include aluminum composite panels, face brick, precast concrete and cast-stone masonry. Glazing is high-performance/low-emissivity glass tinted to match the adjacent buildings on campus.