Central Virginia Community College, School of Culinary Arts

Lynchburg, Virginia

  • FIRM

    SFCS Architects


    Virginia Community College System

  • AREA

    4,064 sq.ft.





Central Virginia Community College’s School of Culinary Arts was planned as a teaching facility, but it evolved as a unique "gathering place" for students to explore, experience and learn about the ways to prepare exceptional food.

The primary teaching spaces feature a state-of-the-art kitchen, classroom and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMFoodesign Associates, Inc.CAPACITY76FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio spaces, where demonstration meals are served in a restaurant setting. A wonderful, thematic etched glass wall separates the classroom from the serving space.

Complementing the existing campus, the new building blends seamlessly into the surrounding architectural vernacular, especially with its pallete of exterior materials, yet the form establishes its own unique identity. The sloping roof overhangs provide shading on the east and south where there is exterior glass.

The existing landscape of the college green is mature and is abound with ginkgo trees, which frame and enhance the location of the building.

Green initiatives also are used on the site. Permeable paving from the existing hardscape enables the building to "float" in the green space while providing stormwater management and service access.