Hanover High School

Hanover, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    HMFH Architects


    Town of Hanover

  • AREA

    157,000 sq.ft.





Responding to the architect’s systemwide master plan, this new 157,000-square-foot school builds community while supporting a range of curriculum needs. It meets MA-CHPS sustainability standards through use of photovoltaics and daylight harvesting. The program was developed through inclusive community visioning workshops in which parents, teachers, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$256.00FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio and students articulated their mutual desire for a school building that builds community. In support of this ambition, the three-story academic building is organized around a "town square" cafeteria, which serves as a central student hub during the day and public meeting area for evening use.

Classrooms and labs are arranged in clusters, with specialized science labs as well as versatile labs for math and world languages. The school’s many breakout spaces, combined with its extensive use of borrowed light, enable students to work in small groups with appropriate teacher oversight. The school also features a three-part design-build suite, in which the glass-walled design lab overlooks separate robotics/engineering and wood fabrication labs, enabling students to move seamlessly from one space to another as their projects require.