Frazier Park Elementary School, Classroom Building, Kindergarten Wing and Playground

Frazier Park, California

  • FIRM

    19six Architects


    El Tejon Unified School District

  • AREA

    12,816 sq.ft.





Frazier Park Elementary School is situated in a small mountain community. The campus had two permanent buildings—administration/classroom building and cafeteria—and more than a dozen portable classrooms placed on the site over time to address growth and classroom crowding. In 2006, the community passed a bond to replace the aging portables ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY260COST PER SQ FT$427.00FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio two new permanent classroom buildings, and provide two new playgrounds and a new parking lot, as well as landscaping and secure fencing around the campus.

The focus of the master plan led to building designs that bring order and coherence to the layout of the campus, create a sense of place and establish an architectural language, scale and palette of colors/materials appropriate for a K-3 learning environment.

The campus was reorganized to separate the kindergarten classrooms from the other classrooms and provide them with their own secure play area on the south side of the building. The elementary school classrooms were situated opposite the existing administration/classroom building near the play fields. A new hardsurface play area and playground further separate the kindergarten wing. The entire parking lot was reconfigured to ease congestion and provide safer bus dropoff on the north side and a separate parent dropoff on the south side.

The materials and architectural language used reflect the tight-knit mountain community’s desire to make these buildings seem as if they had always been there. The simple gable roof lines with porches are similar in character to the original classroom building and provide a functional shelter over walkways. Fiber cementboard and batten siding and standing-seam metal roofing relate to the traditional local architecture and provide a durable cladding for this high-altitude, four-season climate.