Apache Elementary School

Overland Park, Kansas

  • FIRM

    ACI Boland Architects


    Shawnee Mission School District

  • AREA

    87,762 sq.ft.





The overall design theme provides an innovative two-story building that is functional, efficient and aesthetically inspiring. It creates an exciting learning experience while providing a safe environment. The experience starts as students enter the secure main lobby featuring drum light fixtures in playful colors, inviting students into ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY580COST PER SQ FT$136.90FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio school.

Daylighting is apparent throughout the school with sunshades and light shelves on windows in classrooms, the library, multipurpose room and administration areas. The use of colorful floors, walls and finishes assists in wayfinding and continues as students make transitions to classrooms and common areas. Each classroom has moderate color accents and is oriented around providing an interactive environment that contributes to better learning.

Another important design feature is the flexibility of the cafeteria/multipurpose room. The district uses this space for performances, meetings and other community events.

Sustainable features include energy-efficient displacement-air HVAC systems, radiant-heat ceiling panels, controllable lighting, reflective roof, solar roof panels, and recycled and/or regionally manufactured materials. The building has been so successful with energy conservation that the school district is considering the sustainable features of this project on all future construction.