Jenks Math & Science Center

Jenks, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    TMP Architecture


    Jenks Public Schools

  • AREA

    91,580 sq.ft.





This new Math & Science Center is a distinct central addition to the district’s high school campus, establishing a "bridge" between the senior-high facilities and freshman academy. The LEED gold-certified school creates a collaborative environment, encouraging interaction among students and teachers. The densely ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMGH2 Architects, LLCCAPACITY570COST PER SQ FT$219.00FEATURED IN2012 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized campus’ site parameters restricted the building location and orientation. To respond, the design team included appropriate sun-control devices, which provide daylight and views while reducing glare in learning studios. An on-site one-story administration building also was demolished.

Universal studios for both science and math instruction in lieu of labs and classrooms provide flexibility for collaboration and curriculum delivery. A 120-seat planetarium and a multi-use presentation hall further enhance this specialized space. Sustainable design elements throughout include exposed geothermal heating and cooling systems, recycling centers and shading devices. Through active lessons and passive observation, the building showcases these features and raises energy usage and environmental awareness.

Evening access is provided for students and community members, expanding educational opportunities such as conferences, math and science fairs, and community events.