Mount Nittany Elementary School

State College, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM



    State College Area School District

  • AREA

    60,500 sq.ft.





The 60,500-square-foot Mount Nittany Elementary School houses 400 K-5 students and can accommodate future expansion to 500 students. Learning space design focuses on a centrally situated learning resources center surrounded by large-group instruction areas branching into classroom learning areas.

The classroom cluster structure ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$189.43FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio several levels of social and academic interaction, providing individual and group learning, as well as typical classroom settings. One-story at the entrance, the school expands to two stories linked by centrally situated ramps. The multi-story design follows the topography and minimized the site work required.

To function as a teaching tool, the design incorporates:

•A building dashboard showing facility energy usage.

•Rain and butterfly gardens.

•A compass built into the floor surfacing.

•Exposed structural and color-coded building systems.

•Heights marked in the bricks to illustrate measurement and scale.

•A gnomon at the entry functions as a sundial.

Sustainable features include:

•Ground-source heat pump.

•Greywater, solar hot-water heater and reflective roof systems.

•Roof monitors for bilateral daylighting within classrooms.

•Rain gardens aiding with stormwater control.

•High-value wall insulation systems.

•Low-flow fixtures.

•Exterior light shades and shelves.

•Reused, renewable and recycled materials.