Jackson Elementary School

Shakopee, Minnesota

Shakopee School's new Jackson Elementary School provides updated and equitable instructional space for the western portion of Minnesota’s most rapidly growing district.

As the fourth new elementary in 14 years, the new school builds on previous designs to enhance collaboration among staff and learners by organizing the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY764COST PER SQ FT$205.00FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio in six distinct educational communities. These communities, named for local lakes, are flexible in design and are not necessarily defined by grade. These communities comprise 30 classrooms, plus specialized instructional spaces for kindergarten, art, music and media center.

The media center has evolved to a highly kinetic technology-driven space, including two dedicated computer labs, editing and search stations, and remote mini-labs within the learning communities for greater connectivity.

Community-friendly features include a secure entry sequence, after-hours gymnasium use, and vehicular arrangement to maximize safety and student dropoff. The school also builds on previous advances in energy efficiency through numerous strategies based on review of actual performance, energy rates and payback analysis.