Metacomet Elementary School

Bloomfield, Connecticut

This project includes renovations and additions to a 45-year-old elementary school, which serves 342 students in grades 3 to 5. The task was to renovate and add 10,500 square feet to the existing 34,000-square-foot floor plan and to create a visible entrance. Vehicular traffic safety was accomplished by separating the bus/parent/teacher traffic ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY342COST PER SQ FT$236.00FEATURED IN2012 Architectural Portfolio easy-to-navigate drives and parking. A highly visible entrance canopy with eye-catching spandrel graphics gives the entire school a futuristic look.

The interior design challenge was to humanize the 7-foot-wide corridor that was longer than a football field and lacked natural light. A row of skylights enables the natural light to enhance the new fun-filled floor pattern and wall murals. The interior design was reinforced further by incorporating celestial graphic themes in the ceiling design.

The approach methodology proved that innovative design can breathe new life into a building that has lived far beyond its expected life.