West Central Valley High School and Community Activities Center

Stuart, Iowa

The district and its communities partnered with their independent owner representative for educational planning and cost-management consultation, and to gain voter approval for and develop this high school and community activities project.

Comprehensive new facilities for grades 9 to 12 emphasize a variety of learning ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMRambo Associates, ArchitectsASSOCIATED FIRMPurdy & Slack, Technical ServicesCAPACITY350COST PER SQ FT$94.05FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio conducive to educational delivery in class, small-group and individual settings. Flexible technology access reaches all areas, incorporating a variety of media opportunities. Large, open science and project learning centers, art and vocational lab and classroom areas support traditional teaching while being conducive to student use as exploratory learning centers for individual and small-group experiences.

Community-use areas include meeting, exercise, activities and technologies areas, as well as arts performance and competitive athletic areas. The security-oriented plan enables access to separate areas.

Long-range operational cost-management savings are enhanced by geothermal heating and cooling, serving a highly efficient building envelope.

Superior materials and energy efficiency were delivered through an independent cost-management plan, saving taxpayers nearly 20 percent compared with regional averages of traditional architect and construction management-driven approaches.