Tulsa Community College, Center for Creativity

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The program sought to enhance the learning environment by encouraging interaction and collaboration among programs, faculty, students and the community. It needed state-of-the art technology and highly flexible spaces for information technology; professional television and radio production; digital classrooms and visual-arts studios; and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$319.00CITATIONSpecialized Facility CitationFEATURED IN2011 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized events.

The building needed to make a bold design statement to capture the spirit of its highly creative interior functions and create a unique urban campus environment. In addition, it was Tulsa Community College’s vision to "Bring This Building to the Streets" by creating outdoor venues for community events.

The building is forward-thinking, yet respects the traditional aesthetic of the existing campus through simple geometric forms, material choices and color palette.

Generous corridors with gallery walls, integrated bench seating and communal study areas provide opportunities for interaction and collaborative learning.

The building does not simply observe the street. It participates through its transparency as well as its integrated outdoor spaces:

•Interior spaces have abundant natural light.

•Clear glazing provides views to terraces and the surrounding urban environment.

•Materials flow from interior to exterior.

•Multiple outdoor learning spaces offer interaction with the street.

•The green roof courtyard creates a popular outdoor event venue.

•Night-lighting provides a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly presence.

"Beautiful urban solution. The facility has light-filled spaces and a nice pedestrian scale."--2011 jury

"I believe the Center for Creativity is playing an important role in the revitalization of downtown and has ‘set the bar’ for future projects in the area. Tulsa Community College could not have selected a better architect to design its vision of a creative learning center.."—Thomas McKeon, President/CEO