Southwest Missouri State University, Public Affairs Classroom Building

Springfield, Missouri

The Public Affairs Classroom Building is the result of Southwest Missouri State University’s need for physical instruction space, unprecedented enrollment growth and commitment to integrated technology.

The U-shaped form cradles a public open space to reinforce the central mall termination and creates a sense of reception for pedestrians. The public entrance serves ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMHammel Green & AbrahamsonCAPACITY2,500COST PER SQ FT$107.57FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio the ceremonial western gateway.

Supporting the public-affairs mission of responsible citizenship and collective enterprise, the building accommodates departmental, campus and local community interaction with the classrooms, and common and public spaces.

Technology is visible, accessible and user-friendly. The infrastructure supports high technology requirements, including delivery devices, multimedia and computer networks, and flexible programming requirements for TV, radio and distance learning. Adjustments for future technology can be made within the building.

Space efficiency is achieved through use of modular design and space standards. The design takes advantage of efficiencies realized in functional commonalties.

Building materials were selected for their ability to withstand high traffic and abuse. Porcelain-tile floors and wood columns, for example, can be repaired as required, minimizing the amount of repair and replacement. Exterior materials were selected for durability and compatibility with campus buildings.

Photographer: ©Sam Fentress Photography