Dallas Baptist University, Joan and Andy Horner Hall

Dallas, Texas

  • FIRM

    BMA Architects


    Dallas Baptist University

  • AREA

    11,800 sq.ft.





With the completion of the new Joan and Andy Horner Hall, Dallas Baptist University continues its rich tradition of providing technologically advanced instructional spaces housed within historically inspired architecture. Patterned after Congress Hall in Philadelphia, Horner Hall represents the university’s most accurate historical replication ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$339.00FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio date, paying homage to a structure that played an integral role in the founding of our nation. This multipurpose academic building is the new home to the disciplines of music business, communication theory, broadcast communication, and print and graphics communication, as well as offices for the College of Fine Arts academic leadership.

The centerpiece of the facility is the music business recording studio, which is eagerly anticipated to be regarded as one of the top university entertainment-industry-studies recording studios in the nation. The university partnered with an acoustical sound studio design firm to design the music business studio suite. The suite features a main engineering studio, central recording performance space, auxiliary percussion recording performance booth and two post-production mixing-editing rooms. The studio recording suite also is technologically interconnected to auxiliary classroom spaces on the building’s second floor in order to enhance instructional opportunities for as many students as possible. It is expected that the facility will be used by students around the clock.

In addition to the studio suite and classrooms, the building also houses impromptu gathering spaces for students, as well as administrative office suites for two campus departments. Several of the faculty offices are acoustically isolated to serve the dual function of both office space and instructional studio. An intricately detailed "jewel box" of a building both inside and out, Horner Hall stands as evidence of the university’s commitment to provide the very best in academic environments for its students.