Tulsa Technology Center, Health Sciences Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    Crafton Tull


    Tulsa Technology Center School District No. 18

  • AREA

    175,381 sq.ft.





Tulsa Technology Center is the oldest and largest career and technology school district in Oklahoma. The district provides employee training programs to more than 2,500 high school students from 14 public school districts, more than 1,200 adults in occupational training programs, and tens of thousands of Tulsa area ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$157.00FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio partners.

The Health Sciences Center is the anchor of the main campus and offers healthcare programs for an evolving 21st-century health and educational delivery system. The center includes specialized teaching labs for dental, medical assistant, nursing, pharmacy technology, radiologic technology, surgical technology, vision- care technology, and medical coding and transcription programs, in addition to general classrooms, meeting rooms, library, student lounge and administrative offices.

The interior design concept accentuates the primary exterior architectural elements of the gentle curve of the east-facing facade and the arc of the clerestory entry lobby element. These elements were carried into the interiors to create a seamless transition of design.

The facility closely resembles an actual healthcare environment and incorporates high-quality interior finishes with a design scheme that emphasized a warm color palette with accents of the district’s crimson logo color at focal points.