Endeavour Elementary School

Kaysville, Utah

  • FIRM

    VCBO Architecture


    Davis School District

  • AREA

    74,870 sq.ft.





Endeavour Elementary, named for the space shuttle, stimulates children’s imaginations with a playful and appealing astronomy theme: Lighting, signage, play equipment, and floor and ceiling patterns reinforce the theme. Visitors and students cross a scale model of the solar system laid out graphically in the entry plaza to enter the school adjacent ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$127.00FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio the media center, which features spectacular planetarium- quality planets and moons visible from outside.

The school is designed to support a project-based educational pedagogy. Students are divided into four smaller groups, (one specifically for kindergartners), each clustered around a central open space that incorporates a flexible learning space, daily access to technology, and space for many different types of activities. Each color-coded small learning community is named for a different galaxy; constellations laid out in the collaboration areas’ carpet tiles pique student interest and provide an additional layer of identity for students.

Endeavour has locally manufactured load-bearing CMU, a sustainable ground-sourced mechanical system, daylighting in all spaces, and high-output lighting with automatic dimming.