Triangle Elementary School

Triangle, Virginia

  • FIRM

    Moseley Architects


    Prince William County Public Schools

  • AREA

    103,679 sq.ft.





The new two-story school was constructed in Prince William County to replace the existing outdated Triangle Elementary School on the same site. The building was designed using the county’s standard elementary school program to provide comparable facilities for the existing and future primary schools. This design established a prototype that the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY850COST PER SQ FT$194.95FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio will use in its future growth plans.

The building has a T-shaped plan that places the academic wing in a two-story configuration with the primary grades on the lower floor and the intermediate on the upper level. On the first floor, the media center is nestled in the corner of the front elevation side of the T to provide easy access to all students. The gymnasium and cafeteria are on axis with the main entry and share an operable partition so that the spaces can be converted to one large space with a platform at the end for assemblies.

The administrative suite sits adjacent to the main entry and is on a slightly rotated axis to visually open up the front door.