Cape Henlopen High School

Lewes, Delaware

Working with the district, the architect created a program to replace the existing high school. The 1960s school lacked many educational requirements such as natural light and flexible learning spaces. The new design captures the essence of traditional school buildings of the 1930s regarding the level of ornamentation and exterior facade, while featuring ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMEDiS Company, Construction ManagerCAPACITY1,600COST PER SQ FT$308.34FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio rotunda in the main entry and a grand staircase inside the building.

The comprehensive high school is divided into wings that may be expanded in the future. The separation of ninth-graders facilitates the transition into high school. The courtyard is designed to be used as outdoor instructional space and art rooms are situated around it, enabling the outdoor environment to also serve as inspiration to the art students. Vo-tech classrooms have exterior access and are situated at the back. Culinary arts is next to the main kitchen to facilitate learning through observation.

The building was built with LEED green initiatives such as geothermal technology. The theater includes fly space and large-group instructional areas. The building houses a standalone consortium program. A new fieldhouse supports all athletic programs.