Saint Jean Baptiste High School

New York, New York

  • FIRM

    Geddis Architects


    Saint Jean Baptiste

  • AREA

    18,880 sq.ft.





This girls’ high school on New York City’s Upper East Side is housed in a 1929, four-story structure of brick and ornamental limestone with only a narrow slot of land to the east for expansion. Adjacent to the landmark church of 1913 that shares its name, the original school drew from the church’s Italian Renaissance ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$318.00FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio style.

The 2010 north-south addition draws from two sources: the 1929 high school, as well as the scale, proportions and materiality of the surrounding Upper East Side townhouses.

A design challenge was the inclusion of the new on-grade south entrance to the school, lobby and chapel. On the north, nearly enveloped by two adjacent 30-story towers, a new student patio is shared with an existing rectory and convent.

To meet program needs in several areas, this addition also includes extensive renovation within the existing school, as well as a new chapel, a new library, science, arts and cafeteria spaces.