The American Village, Liberty Hall in the American Village Tavern and Visitors Center

Montevallo, Alabama

The American Village serves our nation as an education institution whose mission is to strengthen the foundations of American liberty and history. The Village campus is a classroom laboratory where tens of thousands of students annually visit to recreate and renew what George Washington called "an experiment ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY636COST PER SQ FT$204.13FEATURED IN2011 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYPrototype self-government."

The village consists of numerous structures inspired by early-American architectural icons, forming a setting for participatory history instruction. The 113-acre campus serves as a stage, where colonial period-costumed interpreters transport students back to our country’s formative years.

Liberty Hall, with federal- and colonial-style elements, is the most recent architectural addition to the village. The building is the primary entry of the campus and houses orientation, staff and support facilities. The main interior space of Liberty Hall is inspired by the East Room of the White House and accommodates large assemblies of children and adults participating in varied seminars and historical interpretative events.

Liberty Hall is constructed using conventional materials and mechanical systems, with highly detailed and heavily concentrated historical architectural elements.