Sumter Central High School

Livingston, Alabama

  • FIRM

    Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood


    Sumter County Board of Education

  • AREA

    104,400 sq.ft.





The design intent was to replace a dilapidated high school campus, and the ultimate goal was to consolidate the county high schools into one building. The school system had a very tight budget at the beginning of the downturn in the economy, so the architect focused on a cost-effective and efficient design scheme and layout.

The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$103.35FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio is in the Black Belt, a very rural part of Alabama. A heavily wooded lot had to be cleared and graded to balance. The site was balanced with the materials on site. The site package was done independently from the building package. Site utilities were designed to connect the two towns, York and Livingston, and arrived about halfway through the job. Simultaneously, the state was working on highway improvements in front of the school.

Highlights of the school design include crisp and clean joints and patterning within the building, and modern physics and biology labs. Other mechanical and safety features include a monitored CCTV system; sprinkler system; wall-mounted heating/cooling units in each room; energy-recovery units on the roof for all corridors; and rooftop units on the gym, library and cafeteria.