St. Anthony Village High School, Addition and Renovation

St. Anthony, Minnesota

  • FIRM

    Wold Architects and Engineers


    Independent School District No. 282, St. Anthony-New Brighton Schools

  • AREA

    207,000 sq.ft.





The St. Anthony-New Brighton Secondary School addition and renovation focused on improving inadequate education facilities for curriculum, as well as upgrading indoor air quality and addressing outstanding deferred maintenance.

The project reorganized classroom and lab portions of the building to create six Science, Technology, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,050COST PER SQ FT$93.00FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio & Mathematics (STEM) and sciences labs with shared resource areas. A renovated IT lab was repurposed with physics to combine sciences with contemporary curriculum, including robotics and high-mileage vehicle construction. A special education suite was reconfigured to better meet the needs of the student population.

All classrooms were updated with modern technology and new casework. A new student commons and kitchen were created through a combination of additions and renovations.

On-site vehicular traffic was improved through a new bus loop with expanded dropoff and visitor parking, combined with new electronic signage and entries. All ventilation systems were replaced to meet standards for fresh air and improved efficiency.

The size of the project required construction to take place over two summers, with an extensive staff move and re-entry phased to assist the district.