Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Janice & Charles Drake Library

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    Ambler Architects


    Oklahoma Wesleyan University

  • AREA

    21,692 sq.ft.





Oklahoma Wesleyan University is nestled in the rolling hills of northeastern Oklahoma, where oil barons lived large in the early 1900s. The administration building, La Quinta, was designed by Edward Buehler Delk for local oilman H.V. Foster.

The program called for a new campus library across the pond from La Quinta. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$212.00FEATURED IN2011 Architectural Portfolio was to be compatible with the existing mansion and other campus buildings.

So, the challenge presented was to design a building that can stand beside La Quinta, while not overpowering it. The architect’s response is reminiscent of the Spanish Eclectic style, but with a distinctly modern bent.

The library can be operated by one person at night. The desk is situated to provide good sightlines of the entire floor; plenty of windows enable views of the campus, and enable views into the facility at night. The wood ceiling, abundant windows and pergola help secure its rightful place on campus.

When the architect asked about a book security system, the president of this unashamedly Christian university said simply "If we are who we say we are, we don’t need one."