H.H. Richardson/F.L. Olmsted Schools

Easton, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    Flansburgh Architects


    Easton Public Schools

  • AREA

    145,000 sq.ft.





This 145,000-square-foot intermediate school houses two identical 625-pupil schools for grades 4-6 under one roof in separate academic wings. The two schools are connected by a centralized, core space and corresponding school administration areas. Each school is comprised of 25 general classrooms clustered for interdisciplinary special-education facilities. Shared core ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,250COST PER SQ FT$87.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio including a library/media center, a high school-size divisible gymnasium, and a cafetorium, are zoned for after-hours use.

The design reflects t of Easton’s rich architectural heritage embodied in landmarks by H.H. Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted. Bold, traditional building forms and rustic materials, including split-faced concrete block, a stone colonnade, cupolas and an expansive pitched slate roof, honor this legacy.

The primary design challenge was the integration of the new school within an 80-acre campus of three existing schools. Extensive site development included a new internal roadway and pedestrian walkways; separate car and bus dropoff areas; 210 additional parking spaces; revitalized play areas; and electronic networking between all four schools to maximize interschool collaboration, efficiency and safety.

Photographer: ©Steve Rosenthal