Auburn High School, Performing Arts Center

Auburn, Alabama

  • FIRM

    Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood


    Auburn City Board of Education

  • AREA

    59,046 sq.ft.





Auburn City Schools has a strong theatrical curriculum, but didn't have an updated venue to go with it. Its facility had not received any substantial modifications for several decades. The architect was tasked with reusing the existing exterior shell, structure and stage, while bringing in new life and usefulness. The district also wanted a pronounced ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$154.00FEATURED IN2011 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYAuditoriums/Music RoomsSUB CATEGORYSpecialized and public entry.

New materials and lighting helped to promote a new acoustic and illumination concept. The existing windows were clad with acoustic panels that aligned with a new acoustic metal ceiling. The spaces in between the windows created lighting pockets at the walls and ceiling. Rather than in-filling the existing openings, they are incorporated into a system that announces events on a civic scale.

This same system of LED lights that change the mood inside are used independently to animate the facade. The lighted windows became part of a new processional leading patrons to a revamped entry marquee clad in the same materials as used around the proscenium opening, and introduces the wood and metal material palette found inside.