Trent University, Trent Community Sport + Recreation Centre

Peterborough, Ontario

The Trent Community Sport + Recreation Centre has been designed to reflect the needs of its diversified student population and rapidly growing community. The project delivers on its mandate for increased program scope, flexibility and community engagement through the strategic addition of new fitness, rock climbing, indoor rowing ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$181.25CITATIONBronze CitationFEATURED IN2011 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYPhysical-Education Facilities/Recreation Centers sports-medicine facilities, and through its open and accessible architecture.

A seamless combination of newly constructed and renovated spaces achieves a regeneration of the facility that respectfully integrates with the strong architectural character of the campus, while advocating a new model of reuse, sustainability and community partnership.

The project offers greater visibility to athletics and wellness programming and forges new alliances with outside sporting organizations seeking high-caliber facilities.

Strategic renovations to the existing building’s gymnasium, pool, changing rooms and administrative spaces not only renew these spaces, but also incorporate the latest features and standards to maximize both their functionality and amenities to a wide range of uses and users.

"Very inviting spaces with lots of natural light. The low-profile exterior blends with the trees and natural environment, visually tying the interior sports areas to the outdoors."--2011 jury