Saint Martin's University, Harned Hall

Lacey, Washington

  • FIRM

    McGranahan Architects


    Saint Martin's University

  • AREA

    21,048 sq.ft.





Harned Hall provides a leading-edge learning environment for academic programs at Saint Martin’s University. This two-story building is the first new facility on campus in about 15 years.

The project is near the center of campus and to the south of a Michael Graves-designed library. It is sited at the intersection of two ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$213.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio and symbolic axes on campus leading to Old Main and the residence halls.

The ground floor includes a social/study commons and small cafe that has become a social crossroads on campus. Numerous bays and alcoves provide informal study areas within an efficient and flexible instructional setting.

The architectural character of the building takes its cues from the academic buildings on campus, especially the historic Old Main, while using contemporary systems and materials. The Old Main arches provide a strong thematic element in the building, reflecting the university’s Benedictine heritage.