University of Wisconsin—Stout, Jarvis Hall Science Wing Renovation and Addition

Menomonie, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    SDS Architects Inc.


    State of Wisconsin-Division of State Facilities/University of Wisconsin--Stout

  • AREA

    150,000 sq.ft.





The University of Wisconsin—Stout is Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, with a reputation for applied learning, scientific learning and research to solve real-world problems. The design of the Jarvis Hall Science Wing captures that spirit, evoking a strong sense of science and discovery while offering the university a new image for ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMBWBR Architects, Inc.CAPACITY1,722COST PER SQ FT$201.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio future.

Brick and stone are blended thoughtfully with metal and glass on Jarvis Hall Science Wing to draw a connection to the university’s past while looking to its future discoveries. The glass and windows also put science on display, emphasizing transparency for a campus community that sought an open and inviting character. Abundant light fills the building’s lounges and classrooms, and provides views of the campus available throughout the building.

The design distributes departmental spaces to encourage cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration. Spaces are adaptable to accommodate program and pedagogical changes efficiently. With comfortable study lounges, framed glimpses of the labs and displays, and corridors giving views of the campus, the design of Jarvis Hall Science Wing distinctively captures the spirit of UW—Stout.