Cypress Springs High School

Cypress, Texas

  • FIRM



    Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

  • AREA

    265,000 sq.ft.





The school serves 3,000 students with a comprehensive array of academics, arts, athletics and supporting spaces in a 472,000-square-foot structure on a 60-acre site.

To make this large and complex building efficient and comprehensible to both students and visitors, all the spaces are organized about a long two-story mall, lit naturally with skylights. Each of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY3,000COST PER SQ FT$68.30FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio school’s departments is connected to the mall.

In addition to housing classrooms in the eastern half of the building, the north end is dedicated to the arts, control rooms and fly lofts.

Athletics are found on the southwest side of Cypress Springs, including an indoor eight-lane competition swimming pool with an electronically controlled timing platform. A baseball stadium, and fields for softball, soccer and football complete the exterior.

The project is fully networked across the district for voice, video and data.

Photographer: ©Jud Haggard