Morehead State University, Space Science Center

Morehead, Kentucky

The architects were commissioned to design the new Space Science Center at Morehead State University (MSU), an educational and research facility with state-of-the-art laboratories for undergraduate students in the space science program. MSU is among only four institutions in the United States that offer a bachelor’s degree in ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMMurphy + Graves ArchitectsCOST PER SQ FT$255.92CITATIONPost-Secondary CitationFEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio science.

The Space Science Center originated from a joint NASA-NSF-MSU venture to develop a large-aperture (21-meter) radiotelescope and satellite tracking station, and associated labs and degree programs at MSU.

Space science is extremely technology-intensive and interdisciplinary, encompassing physics, astrophysics, satellite telecommunications, engineering, mathematics and computer science. MSU received significant funding from NASA, the Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, and the U.S. Small Business Administration to make the dream of space a reality for its students.

The highly specialized building has a NASA-type control room, electronics laboratory, anechoic testing chamber and micro-fabrication lab with machine shop. The roof boasts an antenna test range and observatory dome. Future plans include a Class 100 clean room.

Other spaces include a multimedia auditorium with star projector and audio-video system, satellite telecommunications lab, computing labs, distance-learning suite, and related ancillary spaces to support the specialized needs of the building.

"Science with style! A well-organized, simple design."--2010 jury