John R. Kment Elementary School

Roseville, Michigan

As part of a districtwide facility-improvement plan, Roseville Community Schools decided to replace four aging elementary buildings with two new, 21st-century facilities. John R. Kment Elementary School represents the smaller of the replacement buildings with a capacity of 490 students in grades K to 6. District goals of functionality, safety and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY490COST PER SQ FT$148.93FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio were satisfied by organizing academic clusters and early-age/core spaces into two zones to allow for flexible and secure building use.

In response to core planning group priorities, the media center became a transparent core to the building, placing different learning settings on display. The arcing, daylighted main street connects primary entrance points and promotes glimpses into active environments revealed along the way. Ceramic-tile artwork, created by students, is featured permanently within walls to add personality. Natural light spills into circulation nodes, which delineate classroom groupings.

A compact footprint responds to site constraints and phased demolition of the original school. Building scale and material selection respect cues from surrounding neighbors with bold colors introduced to highlight entrances.