Tarleton State University, 2020 Campus Master Plan

Stephenville, Texas

Tarleton State University’s (TSU) comprehensive master plan rests on an extensive analysis of infrastructure needs, including detailed projections of utilities services, and greening the campus through closure of all internal roadways. With a bold entrance and phased development of campus quads and pedestrian malls, the main campus will emerge as a thoughtful, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2010 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning learning environment. Enhancement of the Agriculture Center’s facilities will strengthen the university’s standing as a leader in agricultural education.

The master plan equips the university with a living document that links TSU’s strategic goals to a specific plan through the year 2020. Extensive data gathering encompassed input from stakeholders; study and analysis of existing conditions, infrastructure and technology; and rigorous review to develop and refine initial concepts. Addressing both nearer-term and 10-year goals, the plan recommends more than 1.3 million square feet of new facilities, with utilities analyses; steps to eliminate campus roadways within the campus; and a framework to address campus image, facility functionality, student experience and leadership in agricultural education.

Tarleton’s main campus and Agriculture Center combine for 820 acres. Plan elements include:

•Growth projections and space needs.

•Existing conditions and analysis maps.

•Project implementation plan.

•Landscaping recommendations.

•Campus sustainability.

•Utilities systems.

•Technology systems.

•Wayfinding and signage.

•Indirect cost analysis.

The plan recommends how to use new and renovated facilities and future utilities services. In addition to the main campus entry, campus quads and pedestrian malls, the plan includes a new parking garage and special-events center featuring shared ownership/operation. The Agriculture Center plan features a new entry, teaching pavilion, swine center and loop road, plus upgraded infrastructure. Now and in the future, Tarleton State University’s leaders and stakeholders will be able to rely on this thorough plan to achieve their shared vision.