Long Island University, C.W. Post, Mullarkey Hall Renovation

Brookville, New York

The architect was asked to reprogram and then reconfigure the interior of an existing undergraduate admissions building. For years, this mansion building did not have ADA accessibility, and its public functions were hidden on the second floor.

Spaces were shuffled internally as original architectural interior details ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$275.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation rediscovered, exposed and heightened. The main entry to the original house had become a "back office" over time.

In adjacent space, a "new" fireplace that had been walled over before this project was undertaken was restored and serves as a welcoming focal point to the space.

A dumbwaiter was installed to enable the easy flow of storage materials from the basement to the upper floors. A new front door was installed to lead visitors to the new first-floor lobby with a clear sense of public greeting and direct access to public services. Code requirements for egress were studied meticulously and accommodated.

Private offices and functions were relocated to the upper floors, out of the public realm. Multi-

purpose meeting rooms were created with sliding doors because there was simply not enough physical space to provide for swinging doors.

The architect suggested that meeting spaces be less formalized to accommodate more social interaction among students, faculty and other visitors. The result has been a resounding success.