The George Washington University, South Hall

Washington, District of Columbia

  • FIRM

    DMJM Design


    The George Washington University

  • AREA

    287,000 sq.ft.





South Hall is George Washington University’s latest addition to its residence hall portfolio. The program called for 474 beds, shared student facilities such as meeting and study rooms, and 154 parking spaces.

A double-T plan form balanced the program with the site constraints most effectively. The flat of each T faces the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY474COST PER SQ FT$188.15FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio street, and the stems form courtyards abutting a historic school. The main courtyard provides an important secondary entrance. This plan form allows for 12 residential suites per floor, each comprising four or five single bedrooms arranged around a communal kitchen/living area. The living rooms are punctuated on the facade by full-height projecting bays providing excellent daylighting and rooftop city views.

The design team focused on a high-performance envelope to minimize energy consumption and reduce mechanical equipment sizing and cost. The building walls are highly insulated, contain an air barrier and benefit from high-performance glazing. As a result, the U.S. Green Building Council has awarded LEED-NC gold certification—the first certified building for the university.