Fort Loramie PK-6 School

Fort Loramie, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Freytag & Associates, Inc.


    Fort Loramie Local School District

  • AREA

    73,350 sq.ft.





Masonry was utilized extensively in creating the exterior and interior of this school building. The main entry area of the school includes a unique brick and stone arch that emulates the arch in the 1885 school building. An administrative office is situated strategically in the entry area to provide easy access to the two-story academic area and the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY493COST PER SQ FT$284.00FEATURED IN2010 Architectural Portfolio activity section of the building.

Grades K to 2 are on the first floor, and grades 3 to 6 occupy the second floor of the academic wing. A multipurpose project lab provides a perfect opportunity for teachers and students to engage in hands-on activities in many different academic areas.

The gymnasium, stage and student dining area often are utilized for community events and are available for after-school community use through separate access from the outside. The student dining and stage area include high-tech sound and lighting systems and are utilized for many different school and community activities, including musical and theatrical productions.